How Art Therapy Can Help

When processing difficult emotions and experiences, verbal expression can often be a challenge. Art making is a natural form of expression and allows for unconscious emotions and thoughts to materialize. This process creates tangible art forms which allow for reflection and self-discovery without being overwhelming or distressing


I’m not sure how Joanna manages to accomplish all that she does! She has worked with two of our teenage boys for the past five years, turning their lives completely around. It is incredible to see the difference in both of them, and the credit for the majority of the changes must go to Joanna. Mark went from severe depression/anxiety to fully functioning as a normal teenager. Steven, who has autism as well as a mood disorder, no longer has problems with aggression because he is better able to communicate and express his needs. Joanna was able to reach out to both of them at their level, befriend them, and pull them along to a higher level of functioning. She gives them the tools they need to grow and mature. Joanna is a wonderfully talented therapist who understands and relates to adolescents, and addresses ALL facets of their lives to help them to succeed.
But it is actually what Joanna does outside of her hourly session that sets her apart from other therapists. Her dedication and persistence is incredible. She advocates for the boys, reaching out to their psychiatrists, visiting their schools, and attending IEP meetings. She texts them frequently throughout the week, and they feel comfortable calling her whenever they face a particularly difficult situation. She helps my husband and I to understand their needs, and makes suggestions to help make their lives easier. From a practical standpoint, she is flexible and accommodating of our busy schedule, and willing to drive to meet at our house when she knows we don’t have the time to travel to her office. She is truly an asset to our entire family!
Joanna brings a really interesting dynamic to group and there is something about her that just makes you feel comfortable and able to talk about anything. She is completely understanding of everything and genuinely cares for you and what you are going through. She has this vibrant and colorful personality that makes you feel at home and I truly enjoy working with her.
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Our entire family was devastated by our son’s drug problem. We had no idea what to do or where to turn. Joanna provided needed support and guidance to us all. She spent extensive time working with my son, helped us find an excellent in patient treatment center, counseled our family on how to deal with the situation, and provided post-discharge counseling and assistance. Joanna made herself available at all hours and offered helpful suggestions and coping techniques. She was kind and sympathetic but also tough when needed. She took no nonsense. We are eternally grateful for Joanna and the help she provided.
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Eating Disorder Awareness Week

Eating disorders- including anorexia, bulimia, and binge eating disorder — are serious emotional and physical conditions that can have life-threatening consequences for both females and males. Eating disorders are manifested in extreme emotions, beliefs and behaviors surrounding weight and food issues.


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“Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life”
– Pablo Picasso